Why Hey There!


How are you all?

Welcome to my new blog!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Hollyann, a 25 year old woman who over the past year has been inundated with illness! I am pretty much your typical 25 year old woman, I love makeup, of course have a spending problem when it comes to clothing and am missing my left kidney. I know where it went though, so don’t worry!

I wanted to set up this blog because I say a lot of things to myself and I feel they should be down on paper…although, I should probably let you all be the judge of that. I also want to really help others who may be in the same boat as me, perhaps you’re kidney has had to leave you too or perhaps you just really love a cup of tea.

Anyway, I endeavour to help, bring a smile and make you laugh.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous day!



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