Topshop Magic Liner


So let’s dive right in here- I have been looking for an eyeliner. After my first bad bout of illness back in 2014, I had taken the natural approach. I didn’t want anything on my face, I opted for no makeup and believed that this was right for me to do. However, after my second bout of illness I’m finding myself wanting to wear more and more makeup- huzzah! My obsession has returned!

Naturally, I’m on the hunt for makeup that won’t cost me an arm and a leg but I want to look fabulous at the same time and I haven’t owned a great eyeliner in years.

A few years ago I was given a No7 eyeliner pen but, truth be told, it’s a bit pants and has left me desperately trying to create an even line which just becomes thicker and thicker the more I fiddle. It doesn’t  have a wonderful depth of colour to it either.

Therefore, about two weeks ago, I took to google as we all do and begged the internet to show me the way. As I scrawled down pages frantically, one eyeliner that kept cropping up in ‘The Top Ten Eyeliners To Buy’ was Topshop’s Magic Liner, retailing at just £6.50 it was a bargain, right?

Strutting into Topshop (I feel the term strutting will make me sound a lot more glamorous than I actually looked), I soon found the eyeliner in the sale section, accompanied by three smoke sticks. In a cute Topshop box with a pink, sparkly background, I got the lot for just £10 instead of £20- what a bargain!

I really like the packaging of the Topshop liner, it’s really fun and simple. It’s not serious like some eyeliner packaging which makes me sound a little mad but I feel like you can play around with this eyeliner and be quite creative.

The design of this eyeliner is by far the best thing about it though. A lovely thin base to a tiny tip- it doesn’t dry out easily and it’s incredibly enjoyable to create a thin to thick line! I haven’t quite mastered the flick yet but I know that with a little practice, I’ll soon be getting my cat eye on.

Depth wise it offers a fantastic jet black and I have to say it gives quite a long wear. I will say that after a few hours it will have smudged on your eyelids so keep that compact mirror handy but it gives a lovely effect when on.

I would suggest having cotton buds on hand when applying and quickly wiping away the mistakes and I would say that you need a bit of elbow grease to get this off!

Overall, I’m really impressed and would definitely buy this again in future particularly as it’s such a reasonable price. I’m not going to lie, my eyes feel a bit naked without it!

I hope this has provided someone with a helpful review but if you’re reading this and you already own it, let me know your thoughts!




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