Topshop Smoke Sticks Review!

Good Afternoon!

As I mentioned in my post about Topshop Magic Liner, I had purchased three Smoke Sticks as they all came together in a lovely, sparkly box. All together, the set cost £10 instead of £20 and I discovered that usually a smoke stick costs £6.50 so I’m very chuffed 😀

I’ve never really owned a product like this before and at first I wasn’t sure how it would work for me. They can look a bit daunting at first as they are so thick and give a good depth of colour and you wonder about how difficult it would be to a) make a mistake and b) easily rectify said mistake.

Anyway, the colours I purchased were Dark Horse (left), Conspire (middle) and Deviant (right).

I feel that the smoke sticks offer colours which you would associate with a smokey eye even though I feel that these are harder to blend with eyeshadows to reach that effect. They make a wonderful base for your eyeshadow though, if you want it to pack that extra punch! I also think they are fantastic for lining the corner of the eye for a bit of extra sparkle too, or just under the lash line but I would prefer to use the darkest shade for that. I feel that these wouldn’t quite be the best thing for just a natural look because of the statement they make but they’ll make you look hella glamorous!

Sadly, I’m pretty sure that the colours of the sticks are/were limited edition as I can’t see them available to purchase as individual items which is a shame because they’re gorgeous. 

Has anyone else used or purchased these? What do you think about them? Do you have any tips for using them? Let me know!






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