Sensationail Kit- Worth The Money?

Hello! How are you doing today?

So, I have this friend called Sarah who is far too nice and she spends silly money on me- for example, she bought me a Sensationail Kit for Christmas and we all know how much they cost.

The truth is, I’d seen them before but never tried them. I’d always stuck to your traditional  kind of nail polish, the one that comes off as soon as you shower. I’ve never had my nails professionally done either, I just applied my Collection Top Coat and went on my way, marvelling the beautiful nails crafted on others.

Therefore, I was intrigued but a little apprehensive about using this new-age machine. The weeks passed and the box sat there, unopened, calling me. So last Tuesday, I sat down at 11 p.m, because apparently that’s the best time to do my nails, and I began, selecting Morrocan Rouge instead of Glitter Gold


The application process is pretty easy and the leaflet explains it well. Of course, I misunderstood and applied an extra coat and then decided to leave it on for longer..I’m not sure why…

When I’d finished I sat there and panicked. I was in a towel, we had clean sheets on the bed- what on earth was I thinking?!

But, I really needn’t have stressed as the nails dry ridiculously quick. In fact, it’s what truly sold it to me.

No more would I sit and silently weep at a smudged nail that I’d just redone! No more would I sigh as my finger nails emerge with bedding fluff stuck to them! No! This was it! I had reached nail heaven!

However! The only downside about Sensationail is that the polishes can be very pricey (I’m looking at you Boots) but I think you just have to shop around. The other day I located their nail polishes in an outlet store for less than half of what Boots charges.

It’s already been over a week and the polish is still looking okay! I’m really surprised and impressed. It is starting to chip a little at the bottom but it still looks good enough to flaunt.

I would absolutely recommend this just purely on the fact that it dries so quickly, looks amazing and lasts for what feels like a lifetime in nail polish land.

Does anyone else have one of these kits? Maybe you can recommend somewhere to buy the polishes?




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