How To Store Your Lushy Lush Things!

Good Morninggggg!

How are you today?

Today I wanted to talk about storing all those beauty products such as makeup, hair sprays or, you know, Lush stuff.

My goodness do I have a lot of Lush stuff!

To be fair, I was given an awful lot for my birthday and also a lot from friends after my surgery. I am not complaining though!

But as fabulous as this is to be showered witb Lush items, where does one store it all?

Before now, I’d never really had a designated area or box or drawer but instead there were stacked high in the bathroom. I lived my life on the edge everyday.

However, it all changed when Iain bought me a massive, sparkly box filled with Lush stuff! Now, he won’t tell me where he got it from but I think it’s from Paperchase 😀

A few weeks later, I was presented with another sparkly box from friends! It was pink with a black bow and filled high with my favourite Lush products, chocolate coins, a Lush scarf and biscuits. The biscuits were magical.Now, these boxes fit perfectly in our bedroom and they just add a lovely sense of girliness. I’d love to make them more of a feature in the room but they don’t quite go with the furniture so I need to play around with them.

Now that all my Lush stuff was safely tucked away in the bedroom, I needed to sort out the bathroom as I was sure one of the products would drop into the toilet at any point.

Iain had bought some baskets from Wilko’s and we decided that it would make the bathroom look tidier and a bit brighter. With two each, I allocated one of my baskets for my Lush things.

They’re great, deep baskets (didn’t think I’d be writing this at 25) and they have a waterproof lining which is very helpful for any Lush spillages!

I think it’s nice to have your favourite beauty products stored prettily- it just makes you feel that extra special when you come to use them 🙂
Do you store your Lush/beauty products? If so, how?



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