Lush Oxford Street’s Exclusive Lotus Bath Bomb :o


I’m having a lot of baths recently so I apologise now.

I was a very lucky girl before Christmas, well, in some senses and felt like I was being constantly spoilt.

I’d had a lovely birthday, I was treated with copious amounts of Lush gifts from friends and I was feeling quite overwhelmed by it all.

Just when I thought that I’d had enough, my lovely friend Sarah (you know her) visited London and of course, couldn’t leave without visiting the Lush Oxford Street. Whilst there, she had decided to pick me up a little exclusive but I had no idea what she’s get…


Well, low and behold, she returned with the Lotus bath bomb- a beautiful, white, purple and yellow bath bomb in the shape of a lotus flower. It smelt gorgeous but I had to be very careful with at the petals had a tendency to break.


After months of me saving it, I decided that I should just enjoy it, after all she had purchased it for me for a reason. So, one more I decided that the time was now!

I ran a lovely hot bath and popped in on the surface of the water. Straight away it fizzed and darted, leaving clouds of purple and white in it’s path.


It gave off floral and calming scents and, eventually, dissolved leaving an imprint in the water. Needless to say, it was stunning.


I would really love to have some more of these, I love the design of them, they are just so very pretty. I really hope that one day they’ll pop them in every Lush store 😦

Has anyone tried or purchased this bath bomb? What did you think?



Next Haul- Tealight Holders!


How’s it going?

I have a confession. I am obsessed with candles. It started harmlessly when I moved into my flat about two years ago. I didn’t have them on a lot, they were reserved for special meals or for when guests came round. This carried on for some time and even in October of last year, I rarely had them on.

But then Christmas happened. I became obsessed. I loved the atmosphere they created, the smells they produced…the glass jars, the accessories you could purchase with them…I couldn’t resist.

After already having a range of Yankee candles that had sweet, rich scents, I turned to tea lights. This way I could offer a warm glow in pretty little glass jars, I could colour match, I could play Interior Designer.

I purchased a lot of tea lights and my mother fuelled my obsession- cranberry scented, apple and cinnamon, the list goes on. It was time therefore, to give these little lights a home.

Last Monday, I innocently strolled into Next, not intentionally looking for tea light holders but there I found myself, staring at them all. I searched high and low and quickly snatched up three beautiful ones.

I opted for hues of blues and oranges as this went nicely with our ornaments and overall feel to our little flat. I didn’t want anything that said Love on or Shine Bright as this isn’t really my thing and I much prefer patterns- I also have to consider the boyfriend!

So, there I stood at the till point with three glass tea light holders. I paid under £8 for the three and could not be happier. They feel like they are very good quality and the burnt orange holder is made from recycled glass.

I was so surprised by the price as I feel Next is notorious for being pricey but I’m finding their home ware to be reasonable and modern. I think it’s a great place for just adding little touches to your home and you know the quality will be excellent.

At the minute, they’re moving about all over my flat but I think I’ll place them on our dining table although they look lovely on one of our chests of drawers in the bedroom…

Have you also got a candle obsession??


Sensationail Kit- Worth The Money?

Hello! How are you doing today?

So, I have this friend called Sarah who is far too nice and she spends silly money on me- for example, she bought me a Sensationail Kit for Christmas and we all know how much they cost.

The truth is, I’d seen them before but never tried them. I’d always stuck to your traditional  kind of nail polish, the one that comes off as soon as you shower. I’ve never had my nails professionally done either, I just applied my Collection Top Coat and went on my way, marvelling the beautiful nails crafted on others.

Therefore, I was intrigued but a little apprehensive about using this new-age machine. The weeks passed and the box sat there, unopened, calling me. So last Tuesday, I sat down at 11 p.m, because apparently that’s the best time to do my nails, and I began, selecting Morrocan Rouge instead of Glitter Gold


The application process is pretty easy and the leaflet explains it well. Of course, I misunderstood and applied an extra coat and then decided to leave it on for longer..I’m not sure why…

When I’d finished I sat there and panicked. I was in a towel, we had clean sheets on the bed- what on earth was I thinking?!

But, I really needn’t have stressed as the nails dry ridiculously quick. In fact, it’s what truly sold it to me.

No more would I sit and silently weep at a smudged nail that I’d just redone! No more would I sigh as my finger nails emerge with bedding fluff stuck to them! No! This was it! I had reached nail heaven!

However! The only downside about Sensationail is that the polishes can be very pricey (I’m looking at you Boots) but I think you just have to shop around. The other day I located their nail polishes in an outlet store for less than half of what Boots charges.

It’s already been over a week and the polish is still looking okay! I’m really surprised and impressed. It is starting to chip a little at the bottom but it still looks good enough to flaunt.

I would absolutely recommend this just purely on the fact that it dries so quickly, looks amazing and lasts for what feels like a lifetime in nail polish land.

Does anyone else have one of these kits? Maybe you can recommend somewhere to buy the polishes?



Learning To Crochet!

Not many of you will know but I am a little bit crafty, the good kind of crafty of course.
I have always had an interest in sewing, one which took me to university to study Fashion Design although, it sadly did not last there. However, if you ask me to make cushions or little bits and bobs for the home, I’ll happily do so. Perhaps I should have studied Textiles instead :/

Anyhoo, here I am, post surgery and currently looking to keep my hands busy (no funny business here please!). Seeing this, my boyfriend bought me a lovely book for Christmas all about crocheting! It even came with a really sweet, purple case that has all the needles in which are in different colours so it will be less confusing.

I haven’t started yet but am keen to and have been buying supplies! One of the first things I’d like to make is a cafetiere cosy! I’ve never come across one and I just think it sounds brilliant, plus I can make it for my parents.
I’ve only purchased 5 balls of yarn,  three of which are glittery and came from pound land as they are three for two! I’m not sure about the quality but I think they will be great for starting with and they’re glittery!!!
Has anyone else just started crocheting?! I’d love to see or hear about your creations!