Round Two-Fight!

Morning everyone!
You might be wondering where I’ve been as it’s been a few weeks so, I decided that the best way to tell you was through a video. It’s quite long, I warn you now! 

Hope you’re all fabulous!



Vo5 Heat Protect Styling Spray- Yay or Nay?

Morning everyone!

How are you all?

Today, I wanted to talking about using heat protection on your hair.

Now, I’ve never really used it and for years, I’ve tended to let my hair dry naturally. However, these days I use my hair dryer a lot and, occasionally, it’s followed by my straightners.

Therefore, keen to keep my hair strong and healthy, I thought it was time to purchase a little heat protection.


I decided to check out what others thought were the best of the bunch instead of just purchasing willy nilly and, after really researching (I spent longer than I’d like to admit), I opted for VO5’s little styling spray.

I picked this up at my local Body Care for under £3! I had heard that this was better for blow drys than for when you use your straightners, apparently it could make your hair feel a little greasy after straightening.

However, I don’t feel like it does. After spraying it evenly through my hair, I can feel a difference in texture but it’s not a horrible difference, in fact it makes it feel a bit thicker. It actually leaves a lovely scent too and my hair looks fabulous and shiny afterwards.

I will say, though, that I have sprayed this in before blowdrying and then have straightened straight after without reapplying so perhaps that would change things? 

In the end, it’s very easy to use this spray and I think for less than £3 you can’t really beat it. I really like the packagaing too- it’s very fun and cute!

I’ve never tried any other VO5 styling products but I think after using this I will try some.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Have you also used this product? 🙂


My Weekend OOTD and Cake Obvs

Hi hi hi!

How are you all? How was your weekend?

Thought I’d do a little ‘weekend in pictures’ today. So, let’s start with Saturday:

Yes, it’s a selfie ha! Anyway, I put a little dry shampoo in my hair that day and it really gave it a little umph. At the minute I’m using a fab one from Matrix but unfortunately, I can’t seem to see it anymore on their website! I’ll have to be careful with this last bottle then 😦

Anyhoo, the rest of the day wasn’t spent posing but was spent at Iain’s parent’s house as it was his Dad’s birthday. Thankfully, he liked his gift! 🙂

So, moving onto Sunday. My incredible best friends came to see me on Sunday. We didn’t have much planned but in preparation for going out, I wanted to do a full face of makeup so here is what I put on this little old face of mine:

Everything here can be bought at Debenhams, Boots, SuperdrugHolland and Barratt, Lush or Topshop.

So in my little collection here I’ve got moisturiser, primer, foundation, concealer, blusher (the little pot), eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow brush, powder brush and powder!

I wanted to keep quite a natural finish to my face today and kept a simple flick on my eyelids with just a hint of blusher and a nude lip.

I chose to keep a natural finish because of my outfit which was this!:

It sort of looks like I’m floating here but anyway, here is my outfit. I chose to wear my new ripped knee leggings from Matalan with my new Matalan jumper.

I topped this off with my Chelsea boots from Dr Martens (which I’m not sure are still available) and I just thought it gave a very relaxed look but with a bit of an edge.

Of course, I wore that to go out and eat a mahoosive slice of cookie cheesecake (I can’t remember the actual name of it!). Oh my goodness, it was so good. In fact, I’m ashamed at how much I ate of it. But it was so good.

It was from a pub near to where I live that does cakeaways and their cakes just make me so happy. If you look closely you can see me in the spoon :/

So that’s what I got up to! How about you? How was your weekend?



Percy & Reed Smooth Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil For Fine Hair Review!

Hey hey hey

How are youuu?

I wanted to do a little post today about Percy & Reed Smooth Sealed & Sensational Volumising No Oil Oil For Fine Hair because I used their Wonder Balm a while ago and loved it. I also got a minature of the oil a long time ago with my Elle Magazine subscription but I hadn’t used it yet and thought it was about time!

This oil is something that you can tousle into wet hair and then you can style it but i decided to just pop some on my damp hair and then leave to towel dry.

So! Let’s begin with how adorable the packaging is. Oh my, I love Percy and Reed! I just think it’s so inviting to use. It’s fun and the writing makes you feel like this product is magical and it won’t fob you off! It sounds silly but I just trust it more because of the great packaging.

Now, the texture. I really like the texture of this oil- it’s not stupidly runny or thick and it doesn’t leave your hands really sticky or greasy after. I simply put about three pumps of it into my hands and rubbed them together. I dispersed it throughout my hair and then left it to dry.

The results, I must say, was glorious. I had gorgeous, shiny hair that felt really nice. I then carried on and styled my hair, straightening it.

Overall, it didn’t look greasy, made my hair look healthier and it has quite a nice smell!

Have you tried this??


How To Store Your Lushy Lush Things!

Good Morninggggg!

How are you today?

Today I wanted to talk about storing all those beauty products such as makeup, hair sprays or, you know, Lush stuff.

My goodness do I have a lot of Lush stuff!

To be fair, I was given an awful lot for my birthday and also a lot from friends after my surgery. I am not complaining though!

But as fabulous as this is to be showered witb Lush items, where does one store it all?

Before now, I’d never really had a designated area or box or drawer but instead there were stacked high in the bathroom. I lived my life on the edge everyday.

However, it all changed when Iain bought me a massive, sparkly box filled with Lush stuff! Now, he won’t tell me where he got it from but I think it’s from Paperchase 😀

A few weeks later, I was presented with another sparkly box from friends! It was pink with a black bow and filled high with my favourite Lush products, chocolate coins, a Lush scarf and biscuits. The biscuits were magical.Now, these boxes fit perfectly in our bedroom and they just add a lovely sense of girliness. I’d love to make them more of a feature in the room but they don’t quite go with the furniture so I need to play around with them.

Now that all my Lush stuff was safely tucked away in the bedroom, I needed to sort out the bathroom as I was sure one of the products would drop into the toilet at any point.

Iain had bought some baskets from Wilko’s and we decided that it would make the bathroom look tidier and a bit brighter. With two each, I allocated one of my baskets for my Lush things.

They’re great, deep baskets (didn’t think I’d be writing this at 25) and they have a waterproof lining which is very helpful for any Lush spillages!

I think it’s nice to have your favourite beauty products stored prettily- it just makes you feel that extra special when you come to use them 🙂
Do you store your Lush/beauty products? If so, how?


Marilyn Hair Treatment- Lush Review!

Last night, after being in bed with some sort of tummy bug all day, I decided to do a hair mask. One wonders why but the truth was I felt better and wanted to wake up feeling fabulous- perhaps the hair mask would cure me of my bug.

I’d had two sample pots of Lush’s Marilyn lying in my basket in the bathroom for months. I actually think I got them in August. Yep, I tend to forget about sample pots. In fact, yesterday, I’d had enough and managed to use about eight of them up (I also decanted some into other pots).

I’d heard good things about Marilyn, how it was great for blonde hair. Now, my hair isn’t really blonde. Well, it’s a dark blonde/light brown. It used to be beautifully blonde in 2014 but then my hair fell out and now I’m just rocking my natural colour with teeny strands of the old blonde here and there. I had loved my blonde hair and wanted to see if this would make it any lighter.

Let’s start with the feel and smell (I’m not going to talk about pricing or packaging as this was a sample). So, it’s quite a runny consistency. I always using H’Suan Wen Hua which is very thick so this took me by surprise. I did think that this may make it easier to cover my hair but I actually found that it didn’t get very far- perhaps I should have asked for more samples. It didn’t feel heavy on my head though as I waited for twenty minutes which was great! It sounds silly but some of you may know what I mean?

Now, the smell was lovely. I didn’t find myself wishing the time away so I could wash the smell away but then, she do you ever with Lush? I have to say though, that I wasn’t overjoyed with the smell. Not like with H’Suan Wen Hua- I actually want to eat my hair when that’s on!

When it did come to washing it off, I decided to use up another sample pot- this time it was a sample of the Rehab shampoo. This is really similar in consistency to Marilyn and I was really happy with how it reacted with my hair! I had tried this a few months ago but I didn’t really rate it, perhaps I just needed thicker hair though.

Anyway, this morning my hair is super soft. It doesn’t feel thicker or look blonder (perhaps you have to use this over a longer period of time?!) but it is a lot softer. Then again, it could have been the shampoo.

I don’t think I would purchase this yet. When I’ve started dying my hair blonde again I’ll probably try it again but I think for now I’ll stick with H’Suan Wen Hua.

Has anyone tried Marilyn? What are your thoughts?