Round Two-Fight!

Morning everyone!
You might be wondering where I’ve been as it’s been a few weeks so, I decided that the best way to tell you was through a video. It’s quite long, I warn you now! 

Hope you’re all fabulous!



Vo5 Heat Protect Styling Spray- Yay or Nay?

Morning everyone!

How are you all?

Today, I wanted to talking about using heat protection on your hair.

Now, I’ve never really used it and for years, I’ve tended to let my hair dry naturally. However, these days I use my hair dryer a lot and, occasionally, it’s followed by my straightners.

Therefore, keen to keep my hair strong and healthy, I thought it was time to purchase a little heat protection.


I decided to check out what others thought were the best of the bunch instead of just purchasing willy nilly and, after really researching (I spent longer than I’d like to admit), I opted for VO5’s little styling spray.

I picked this up at my local Body Care for under £3! I had heard that this was better for blow drys than for when you use your straightners, apparently it could make your hair feel a little greasy after straightening.

However, I don’t feel like it does. After spraying it evenly through my hair, I can feel a difference in texture but it’s not a horrible difference, in fact it makes it feel a bit thicker. It actually leaves a lovely scent too and my hair looks fabulous and shiny afterwards.

I will say, though, that I have sprayed this in before blowdrying and then have straightened straight after without reapplying so perhaps that would change things? 

In the end, it’s very easy to use this spray and I think for less than £3 you can’t really beat it. I really like the packagaing too- it’s very fun and cute!

I’ve never tried any other VO5 styling products but I think after using this I will try some.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Have you also used this product? 🙂


Lush Oxford Street’s Exclusive Lotus Bath Bomb :o


I’m having a lot of baths recently so I apologise now.

I was a very lucky girl before Christmas, well, in some senses and felt like I was being constantly spoilt.

I’d had a lovely birthday, I was treated with copious amounts of Lush gifts from friends and I was feeling quite overwhelmed by it all.

Just when I thought that I’d had enough, my lovely friend Sarah (you know her) visited London and of course, couldn’t leave without visiting the Lush Oxford Street. Whilst there, she had decided to pick me up a little exclusive but I had no idea what she’s get…


Well, low and behold, she returned with the Lotus bath bomb- a beautiful, white, purple and yellow bath bomb in the shape of a lotus flower. It smelt gorgeous but I had to be very careful with at the petals had a tendency to break.


After months of me saving it, I decided that I should just enjoy it, after all she had purchased it for me for a reason. So, one more I decided that the time was now!

I ran a lovely hot bath and popped in on the surface of the water. Straight away it fizzed and darted, leaving clouds of purple and white in it’s path.


It gave off floral and calming scents and, eventually, dissolved leaving an imprint in the water. Needless to say, it was stunning.


I would really love to have some more of these, I love the design of them, they are just so very pretty. I really hope that one day they’ll pop them in every Lush store 😦

Has anyone tried or purchased this bath bomb? What did you think?


Intergalactic Bath Bomb From Lush 

Hey hey

I’m not sure if this will turn out to be a review or just a little rant about how amazing this bathbomb is. Let’s see shall we!

Okay, so, I was given this bathbomb by the lovely manager at my hometown store. I love the manager there, I’ve been bobbing in and out of Lush frequently for the past year now and he just knows everything and what I’ve been going through healthwise, ect. He’s become a friend.

So, when I found out about the silly tumour that was in my kidney, I chose to go to Lush and treat ma self. I regailed the manager with my woes and, even though I was prepared to pay, he very kindly gave me the Intergalatic bath bomb.

Now, I must say that I was really put off by the smell at first. It’s a very minty smell and I seem to be opposed to the smell of mint unless it is combined with chocolate or if it’s meant for my teeth, I’m not sure why though.

I did, however, love the design. It really made me quite happy. It was super blue and super sparkly. I just loved, loved, loved it. So I decided to pop the whole thing in my bath.

I watched it fizz away happily and dart all over the bath, leaving trails of pinks and greens behind. It painted my bath water blue, turqoise even. It looked like a piece of art. I couldn’t stop watching it…I was mesmerised.

I also breathed in the scent, slightly minty but also very much your usual heavenly Lush smell. It was incredible.

I hopped in and had a glorious sparkly, blue bath. I don’t think I dared to wash my hair but maybe I should have done so I’d sparkle more.

I was actually really sad because I discovered the sparkles hadn’t attached themselves to me 😦

Maybe I should try two…

Anyway, I give this bath bomb a massive thumbs up and suggest you all go and purchase one now!

Has anyone else tried this one? What do you think? Also, does anybody else love sparkles?


Stationery Wish List!

Okay, it’s all just notebooks but I want them all.

Hey hey

How are you today?

So, yeah, I kind of really want some notebooks. I don’t why because I have a few in my flat at the moment and I really should use them up but there’s something about a fresh notebook. I always tell myself I’ll do my neatest writing in this one or I won’t scribble a word out, you know weird things like that. Anyway, it never happens.

I think at the minute I’d like one because after my op I don’t really want to just sit still, I want to go out and do things, make things, write things. I’m getting a little muddled with my eagerness to do everything possible so I feel like notebook would keep me in check I  guess.

Below I’ve listed four current faves from Paperchase and Urban Outfitters because they are amazing, wonderfully weird and I love them.

Anyway, have a lil lookaroo or purchase them by clicking on the pics!

Paperchase! :


Urban Outfitters! :



Do any of you lovely readers have these? Do you try and stick to random rules for your new notebooks? 😀


Going For A Cheeky Afternoon Tea

 Good Afternooooon,

How are we all on this fabulous Friday?

I wanted to do a little post today about what I spent Tuesday afternoon doing!

So I spent the day with Iain’s Mum and we decided to visit this lovely little tearoom called Dingle Farm which is near to where she lives.

I’ve been a few times and it’s just next to a farm (hence Dingle farm, I know!). It has a little shop opposite the tearoom and you can buy products which are organic and just a little bit more unique. As you enter the tearoom, you pass through a room dedicated to handmade items and books. It’s really lovely and it’s nice that the majority of the items are homemade.

Upstairs they have a beauty room and often have an artist on site who produces pet portraits! 

After passing through the little shop, you have the choice of three rooms to enjoy your treats in. We chose to go upstairs because there’s a nice little view from the upstairs window- it overlooks a pond and a forest!

Sadly, we were too late to get the table which we really wanted so we settled for one still close to the window.

Once settled, we decided to be naughty and have a hot drink and a slice of homemade cake each which would only cost us £4. 

The cakes are beautifully written on a chalkboard for all to see and within each room, little decorations hang which are available to purchase. Their crockery is all mismatched too and it gives it a lovely, homely feeling!


Carefully choosing off the board, I opted for a hot chocolate this time. It came with two marshmallows and this gorgeous, little chocolate design on top! They also brought me a little jug of warm milk too so I could top up!

Now cake wise…I simply had to have their Toffee Apple blondie. It was devine. It was so yummy. I had to actually try and slow myself down so I wouldn’t eat it within thirty seconds. 

It was nice and gooey and it had a bit of a brownie texture but it was stickier. The white chocolate on top was just enough too.

I wasn’t alone in enjoying my cake either as Gill had ordered her favourite- Chocolate Guiness cake! 

I actually thought the top was frosting or butter cream but it is indeed cream. Unfortunately, she couldn’t eat all of it and kindly saved the rest for Iain. She still enjoyed it with a pot of tea, though!

It is such a lovely place to go to and I feel that it’s a little gem really! If you’re ever in the area I would recommend going or perhaps even taking a road trip to it!

Can anyone else recommend any lovely tearooms?


Marilyn Hair Treatment- Lush Review!

Last night, after being in bed with some sort of tummy bug all day, I decided to do a hair mask. One wonders why but the truth was I felt better and wanted to wake up feeling fabulous- perhaps the hair mask would cure me of my bug.

I’d had two sample pots of Lush’s Marilyn lying in my basket in the bathroom for months. I actually think I got them in August. Yep, I tend to forget about sample pots. In fact, yesterday, I’d had enough and managed to use about eight of them up (I also decanted some into other pots).

I’d heard good things about Marilyn, how it was great for blonde hair. Now, my hair isn’t really blonde. Well, it’s a dark blonde/light brown. It used to be beautifully blonde in 2014 but then my hair fell out and now I’m just rocking my natural colour with teeny strands of the old blonde here and there. I had loved my blonde hair and wanted to see if this would make it any lighter.

Let’s start with the feel and smell (I’m not going to talk about pricing or packaging as this was a sample). So, it’s quite a runny consistency. I always using H’Suan Wen Hua which is very thick so this took me by surprise. I did think that this may make it easier to cover my hair but I actually found that it didn’t get very far- perhaps I should have asked for more samples. It didn’t feel heavy on my head though as I waited for twenty minutes which was great! It sounds silly but some of you may know what I mean?

Now, the smell was lovely. I didn’t find myself wishing the time away so I could wash the smell away but then, she do you ever with Lush? I have to say though, that I wasn’t overjoyed with the smell. Not like with H’Suan Wen Hua- I actually want to eat my hair when that’s on!

When it did come to washing it off, I decided to use up another sample pot- this time it was a sample of the Rehab shampoo. This is really similar in consistency to Marilyn and I was really happy with how it reacted with my hair! I had tried this a few months ago but I didn’t really rate it, perhaps I just needed thicker hair though.

Anyway, this morning my hair is super soft. It doesn’t feel thicker or look blonder (perhaps you have to use this over a longer period of time?!) but it is a lot softer. Then again, it could have been the shampoo.

I don’t think I would purchase this yet. When I’ve started dying my hair blonde again I’ll probably try it again but I think for now I’ll stick with H’Suan Wen Hua.

Has anyone tried Marilyn? What are your thoughts?


Topshop Magic Liner


So let’s dive right in here- I have been looking for an eyeliner. After my first bad bout of illness back in 2014, I had taken the natural approach. I didn’t want anything on my face, I opted for no makeup and believed that this was right for me to do. However, after my second bout of illness I’m finding myself wanting to wear more and more makeup- huzzah! My obsession has returned!

Naturally, I’m on the hunt for makeup that won’t cost me an arm and a leg but I want to look fabulous at the same time and I haven’t owned a great eyeliner in years.

A few years ago I was given a No7 eyeliner pen but, truth be told, it’s a bit pants and has left me desperately trying to create an even line which just becomes thicker and thicker the more I fiddle. It doesn’t  have a wonderful depth of colour to it either.

Therefore, about two weeks ago, I took to google as we all do and begged the internet to show me the way. As I scrawled down pages frantically, one eyeliner that kept cropping up in ‘The Top Ten Eyeliners To Buy’ was Topshop’s Magic Liner, retailing at just £6.50 it was a bargain, right?

Strutting into Topshop (I feel the term strutting will make me sound a lot more glamorous than I actually looked), I soon found the eyeliner in the sale section, accompanied by three smoke sticks. In a cute Topshop box with a pink, sparkly background, I got the lot for just £10 instead of £20- what a bargain!

I really like the packaging of the Topshop liner, it’s really fun and simple. It’s not serious like some eyeliner packaging which makes me sound a little mad but I feel like you can play around with this eyeliner and be quite creative.

The design of this eyeliner is by far the best thing about it though. A lovely thin base to a tiny tip- it doesn’t dry out easily and it’s incredibly enjoyable to create a thin to thick line! I haven’t quite mastered the flick yet but I know that with a little practice, I’ll soon be getting my cat eye on.

Depth wise it offers a fantastic jet black and I have to say it gives quite a long wear. I will say that after a few hours it will have smudged on your eyelids so keep that compact mirror handy but it gives a lovely effect when on.

I would suggest having cotton buds on hand when applying and quickly wiping away the mistakes and I would say that you need a bit of elbow grease to get this off!

Overall, I’m really impressed and would definitely buy this again in future particularly as it’s such a reasonable price. I’m not going to lie, my eyes feel a bit naked without it!

I hope this has provided someone with a helpful review but if you’re reading this and you already own it, let me know your thoughts!



Why Hey There!


How are you all?

Welcome to my new blog!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Hollyann, a 25 year old woman who over the past year has been inundated with illness! I am pretty much your typical 25 year old woman, I love makeup, of course have a spending problem when it comes to clothing and am missing my left kidney. I know where it went though, so don’t worry!

I wanted to set up this blog because I say a lot of things to myself and I feel they should be down on paper…although, I should probably let you all be the judge of that. I also want to really help others who may be in the same boat as me, perhaps you’re kidney has had to leave you too or perhaps you just really love a cup of tea.

Anyway, I endeavour to help, bring a smile and make you laugh.

Hope you’re all having a fabulous day!