Learning To Crochet!

Not many of you will know but I am a little bit crafty, the good kind of crafty of course.
I have always had an interest in sewing, one which took me to university to study Fashion Design although, it sadly did not last there. However, if you ask me to make cushions or little bits and bobs for the home, I’ll happily do so. Perhaps I should have studied Textiles instead :/

Anyhoo, here I am, post surgery and currently looking to keep my hands busy (no funny business here please!). Seeing this, my boyfriend bought me a lovely book for Christmas all about crocheting! It even came with a really sweet, purple case that has all the needles in which are in different colours so it will be less confusing.

I haven’t started yet but am keen to and have been buying supplies! One of the first things I’d like to make is a cafetiere cosy! I’ve never come across one and I just think it sounds brilliant, plus I can make it for my parents.
I’ve only purchased 5 balls of yarn,  three of which are glittery and came from pound land as they are three for two! I’m not sure about the quality but I think they will be great for starting with and they’re glittery!!!
Has anyone else just started crocheting?! I’d love to see or hear about your creations!